Race Info

Date: Sunday, June 7, 2020  Race Start Time: 8:15 a.m.
Race Parking Opens 5:45 a.m. (Quechee Village Lot for Buses) MAP

Sunday morning GPS locations: (address or nearest address)

  • Runner Parking-Quechee Gorge Village 5573 Woodstock Road (Route4) Quechee (43.6380669,-72.3999477,17)
  • Race Start/Runner Drop Off-Suicide Six Ski Area 247 Stage RD South Pomfret (43.6650653,-72.5454546,17)
  • Race Finish/Spectator Parking-Strong House Spa 694 Quechee Main St Quechee (43.6456021,-72.4025437,17)

CBHM Point to Point Race-We Bus You to the Start

Please follow ALL directions given by police officers and CBHM Volunteers-they are out there for your safety.


Runner Parking for Buses -Quechee

First Bus Leaves At 5:45 a.m. Last Bus Leaves at 7:00 a.m.
Report to runner parking lot no later than 6:30 a.m.
Please DON’T plan on being on the LAST BUS-it’s really packed.
ONLY runners are allowed on the bus.

We have 20-22 buses, rotating through the 11 mile trip from Quechee Gorge Village to Suicide Six Ski Area, that will transport you from Runner Parking in Quechee to the race start in Pomfret.
Follow the road signs and directions from the police and CBHM Volunteers.
There will be traffic so please plan ahead.

Check our Race MAP for driving directions, bus pick up area and designated parking areas.

Personal Car Drop-off at the Start -Suicide Six Ski Area Pomfret

Personal car drop offs at the Start (Suicide Six) from 6:00 a.m. until 7:15 a.m.
We prefer that runners park in the Quechee Village lot designated Runner Parking area and ride the bus but if you must be dropped off in a personal vehicle you can but there will be traffic on the road heading toward the race start area. It’s a ski area-one road in-one road out.


Please Consider CARPOOLING to runner parking or personal car start drop-off. Share A Ride. Share Your Car. Cut down on traffic and on parking or drop off stress.

Bib Pick-UP

Bib Pick Up on Sunday opens at 6 a.m.

When you get off the bus you’ll see a BIG white tent-pick up your bibs there. (Bib are NOT given out on Saturday at the Info tent in downtown Woodstock-ONLY on Sunday morning before the race.)

Race Timing-Your Bibs are Chipped

We will be using the ChronoTrack “B” Tag Timing System. The B Tag is attached to the back of your bib, eliminating the fussing with your shoe laces. Racers cross Timing Mats at the Start and Finish to give you both an official “Gun” time as well as the unofficial “Net” time from when you cross the start mats.

You, and your B Tag, must pass over both mat systems (start and finish) in order to receive your “Net” time. If your start time is not recorded, you will only receive your “Gun time”.

The official order of finish for the first three male and female finishers will be based on “Gun” time. For all but these 6 finishers, we will use “Net” times for official order of finish.

The USAT&F does accept “Net” times for rankings for masters runners (40 and over). However, it is unclear if they will accept “Net” times for other age groups. Web site results on cbhm.com will be posted in both “Gun” time order as well as “Net” time order.

For the B Tag to work, it must be pinned on your outermost layer of clothing on your front and NOT folded or wrinkled.

Course Difficulty

The course has a very gentle downgrade, dropping 200 feet in elevation over the 13.1 miles. There is a moderate hill at mile 5 and a short, steep hill at mile 8.

Race Weekend Information Tent-Saturday in Woodstock

Race Information & Course Maps 
Mike and Nancy will be in front of the Norman Williams Public Library in Woodstock by The Green (look for the tent) to answer any questions you may have Saturday 1-5 p.m..
Stop by and say HI!! Look for the CBHM banners outside. Some of the UVRC Pacers plan to be on hand too to answer questions.


Race Bibs are NOT handed out at the information tent-ONLY at the Race Start at Suicide Six Ski Area Sunday morning beginning at 6 a.m.

cbhm baggageDrop Bags/Personal Items

Your Drop Bag will be transported from the Start area back to the Finish area just before the start of the race. You must have your CLEARLY LABELED DROP BAG to the truck BEFORE 7:45 a.m..

Label them with your LAST NAME and First Name-volunteers will sort them at the finish line for you. The more unique your bag, the easier it will be to locate it Sunday afternoon. In case of bad weather, you’ll want to make sure the bag is waterproof.

What to put in your DROP BAG: pre-race layers, a  change of clothing, personal items (wallet, phone, car keys, sun block) CBHM is not responsible for lost or stolen bags or items.

Best Spectator Viewing of CBHM Runners

Friends, Family members, Spectators

There is NO spectator parking or viewing at the Taftsville Bridge. You could get a traffic ticket or possibly get your car towed.

The two best places to watch runners are the Village of Woodstock and at the Finish Line.

Spectator parking is very convenient to the Finish Line at the Polo Field. Just off Deweys Mills RD.
Follow the signs and directions from the police and CBHM Volunteers.

Deweys Mills Rd and Spectator Parking Lot will be closed to traffic and parking at 10AM.

Remember—Finish Line Viewing-If you want to see your runners at the finish line, you MUST be parked in the designated lot BEFORE 10 a.m. Volunteers will direct you to parking.

On Course Race Tracking of Runners

This is Vermont. Our cell and WiFi are spotty at best.
We do not have “LIVE” tracking of our runners.


FINISH LINE~ Dewey Field in Quechee Vermont

Roads Around Our Race

Please visit our Road Closing Page to help you navigate around the area on Sunday morning.


Drop Bag Pick-up

Your drop bags will be laid out in alphabetical order for you to collect your belongings at the finish line. CBHM is not responsible for lost or stolen items or bags. Please make sure your bag is unique (to find it easier) and labeled clearly with you LAST NAME and FIRST NAME so our volunteers can sort them for you.


Runner Parking Area

(Runner Parking Lot is NOT the Spectator Parking Lot near the Finish line on Deweys Mills RD. It is in the field up Deweys Mills Rd hill heading towards Rte 4-see the  Race Map)

Return to Runner Parking Lot for your car—please use the FREE Buses Back to Quechee Village Lot-Runners can board buses to be transported up the hill from the Finish Line to where you parked your car pre-race. These buses are conveniently waiting for you right near the drop bag pick-up area.

Note: TAKE THE BUSES-This is the SAFEST WAY to get back to your car!

If you must walk, travel cautiously up Dewey Mills Road and please obey the police officers and volunteers trying to keep you safe.
At Fowler Lane, take the trail up the the field where you parked in earlier in the morning before our race.

Race Map