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“Hear” are some of the bands you will see (and hear) along our race course.

Starting at the Woodstock Chamber’s Pre-Race Pasta Supper
Joseph Stallsmith and Friends

Race Start
Upper Valley DJ

Along the Course
Pomfret Drum Corp (mile 1.2 Prosper Valley School)
Island Time Steel Drums (mile 3 and 4.9 Billings Farm Mansion Driveway)
Lyme Town Band (mile 4.2 Middle Bridge/Woodstock green)
Edges of Europe (mile 5.5 River Rd and Cloudland Rd)
Rich Thomas (mile 6.3 River Rd and High Pastures RD)
Carlos Ocasio (mile 7.1 River Rd and Otis Rd)
Upper Valley Music Center Traditional Music Ensemble (mile 8 Taftsville Bridge)
Eric Dexter (mile 9 River RD and Rudd Duck lane)
Jim Yeager and Friends   (mile 10.3 Quechee Club)
Jess and Jakob/The Beecharmers (mile 12 Quechee Library)
Upper Valley Waldorf School (mile 11 Quechee Main St. and W. Hartford RD)
Fire House Six Dixieland Band (mile 12.8 Quechee Inn Marshland Farms)

At the Finish Line-The Western Terrestrials