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Covered Bridges Half Marathon UVRC Pacers

To join a pace group look for the pacers at the UVRC tent near the start line, or jump in with them on the course. Look for their OFFICIAL PACER shirts and their Pace Time Signs.





Alden Hall

I have enjoyed pacing the CBHM for the last 3 years.  I know the course well, and I hope and think that it helps runners to know what to expect.  I am happy to pick up a few extra cups at each hydration station, so folks don’t have to break their stride.

If you feeling energetic and are looking for a little more action for the weekend, what I have done for the last 2 years is to drive down to Brooklyn on Saturday for Spike Lee’s Purple Dance party (Prince’s birthday falls in the week following the CBHM).  Dance all day, crash somewhere for an hour or two, then get up at 2:30am to drive back up for the race. Excellent training regimen!



Dallas DeVries

I love running with people (at least based on the number of run group selfies I have taken) and look forward to encouraging and pacing people to their goal half times.  I’ve run 17 marathons and enjoy “heatmapping” new roads/trails I’ve never run on.

Stephen Wo

Running since 2011. Completed 14 marathons and 25 half marathons. Excited to help pace runners to their goal times. My motivation to finishing races are pizza and beer!


Kevin Hartstein

Kevin is a doctoral student at Dartmouth and the current vice-president of the UVRC. He paced CBHM in 2016 and raced in 2017. Kevin has also run the VT 100 Endurance Race as well as a handful of other ultra-distance races and the 2017 Mont Tremblant Ironman triathlon.

Vanessa Garlick

Vanessa loves to run! She has been lucky to run races all over the world ranging from 5K to 100K (w/ an Ironman in-between), but she has never run the CBHM! In her spare time she is a Pediatric Resident at DHMC.


Jared Rhoads

Jared is a Boston-area native who moved to the Upper Valley about six years ago for family, career, and fresh air–and to escape the traffic. He’s run with the running club for the past few years, and have paced two half-marathons. Stick with him and you’ll hit your goal time (or better)!

Lydia Gill

Lydia Gill

I have races all distances, from the 5k to the marathon, but the half marathon is my favorite distance. I am looking forward to running on a beautiful race course with anyone who joins my pace group!


Mike Kokko

Mike Kokko

Mike has lived in the Upper Valley since 2011 and has paced the Covered Bridges and CHaD Half Marathons several times each. He loves going out for peaceful weekend runs on his own, with the UVRC, or now with his own little 1 year old cheerleader in the jogging stroller. Mike, his wife Sarah, and their son Connor live in Lyme, NH where they enjoy outdoor activities in all seasons.

Michael Cox

I’ve run a few trail marathons back in rural Indiana when I lived there and several half marathons as well. I haven’t participate in the Covered Bridges event before but I’ve heard wonderful things! Looking forward to being involved.


Nelson Carter

The Covered Bridges Half Marathon is one of my favorite races.  I am fortunate to have run this race several times before, including way back when it took a couple months for it to fill up.  I have completed several marathons and triathlons, as well as a few endurance bike races.

Tracy Benedict

I have been running for over 20 years and have run countless half marathons and 3 full marathons. In my most recent marathon, I qualified for Boston! I am a physical therapist with a passion for treating runners. So essentially running is my life, when I’m not keeping up with my athletic children’s schedules!


Daniela Alvarado

I ran 1:59:48 in my first ever half marathon, without a watch (so I was born to pace 2:00!) and I once paced Deena Kastor at a half (okay, well, she was injured and jumped into my group because I chatted with her/said hello). I had decided to retire from pacing until Covered Bridges gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Rebecca Stanfield McCown

Rebecca Stanfield McCown

Rebecca started running in graduate school to counteract hours of sitting in front of a computer staring at data. Since 2007, she has run 9 marathons and more half marathons than she can count. Rebecca has run Covered Bridge 4 times (it maybe 5) and working in Woodstock allows her to run sections of the course at lunch time. Be warned, Rebecca likes to chat while she runs!


Jennifer Hansen

This will be my third time pacing a half and I LOVE doing it – it’s fun to dance and sing while keeping an eye on the watch. I’ve been a member of UVRC for a year and especially enjoy trail running/hiking combinations. My favorite run/hike in 2017 was Owl’s Head – 16 mile trail run plus two mile hike with no view at the top, nothing better.


Amy Mitchell

Amy recently moved to the area, works at Tom Tom and is a big runner of all distances.


Francine Franich

I have always enjoyed running and have run competitively since I was in 6th grade.  As much as I love running, I love coaching even more. My summers in college were spent coaching cross country camps in northern Michigan. I loved helping young runners achieve their goals and grow as athletes.  Pacing races gives me a similar opportunity to help someone achieve their running goals. I have paced one other half marathon and loved it. There was a great sense of community as you cheered the runners along around you and helped them to the finish line.

Clair Hunt

Clair Hunt

This will be my third time pacing the Covered Bridges. I love being a part of helping people attain their personal running goals.


Ellen Chandler

I enjoy running with the Upper Valley Runners at weekly workouts and special events. I have paced 3 or 4 half marathons and each time I learn more about getting a group in on time while having fun.


Elizabeth Gunn

I qualified for half fanatics and marathon maniacs in 2017 including pacing for the Richmond, VA marathon. I’m a mommy of 2 and can blow a snot rocket, on target, without breaking stride.

Susannah Colby

This will be Susannah’s third year pacing CBHM. She has run several different distances ranging from a 5K to a 50 miler. Her favorite distance is a half marathon and she is thrilled to help you reach your goal!


Laura Johnson

I love the people I meet while running. Running is fun for me and keeps grounded. My race experience ranges from races in the northeast, southwest, and Central and South America.

Amy Bucci

I love running and covered bridges! I have run a marathon, and last year did 3 half marathons (august, october, november) and would love to help with this covered bridge marathon.


Erin Duffy

I fell in love with long distance running during training for the 2009 Chicago Marathon.  I have completed 12 marathons and over 30 half marathons. I love the unique experience that each race has to offer and friendships formed through pounding the pavement, including meeting new runners who are challenging themselves to cross that finish line for the first time!

Jennifer Newman

I’m a lover of long distance runs! I’ve finished 15 marathons, several ultras (including two 50 milers), and love anything in the double digits that I can take long and slow. Half marathons are really fun and I love the opportunity to assist others in reaching their goals. Outside of running I love music, traveling, reading, cooking, and all things Harry Potter!