• From the 2019 Mens Winner

    I’ve ran several other notable road races in the Northeast (including Falmouth and Broad Street 10 Miler in Philadelphia) and this was by far the best race experience I’ve ever had. The people of the area make this race and the money going to local charity just makes it that much more awesome. This race is truly a hidden gem in the Green Mountain State.

    Tanner C
  • My Hero Mile 11

    Can I just say a huge THANK YOU to the amazing lady at mile 11???  Her enthusiasm, energy and support was infectious and she definitely gave me the boost I needed for those last two miles!  I could hear her encouragement before I could even see her, reacted to her advice without even realizing it (relax your shoulders!) and she put a huge smile on my face and bounce in my step to get me through to the finish line. THANK YOU MILE 11 HERO!

    Karyn D S
  • 2019 Parking

    I just wanted to write and tell you how AWESOME this race was. Vermont was my 10th state for a race and this was the BEST RACE experience to date. The volunteers make this race amazing! The overall logistics from parking, to packet pick up, to the buses, and the course were 11 out of 10. Great choice of food! The course was a lot of fun (Except for the big hill at 8 lol) and just the overall experience was fun!

    The only thing I might look at tweaking is having some volunteers or police in the FIELD where we park by the village. It was a little crazy having multiple cars leave with people walking and the customers at the shops as you exit.

    Thanks for making it fun!

    Sean F
  • Shout Out for The Family Place


    Just want to say thank you, thank you ,THANK YOU!  What a spectacular race you gave us all today.  Wonderful amenities, fantastic volunteers, and the most breathtaking course I have run in recent memory.  

    I was a member of the charity team for The Family Place.  That was a fantastic experience and I would do it again without hesitation.

    One of my favorite touches was getting the shirt at the END of the race. This was the way it always used to be, that the shirt was your trophy to wear to say “I did it!” not just a freebie you got to say you were there.

    I will hope to be back sometime soon!  Thank you again. Best,

    Shira F E
  • Thank you Race Committee and Volunteers

    I just want to congratulate you, the Race Committee and all the volunteers. I’ve run a good number of races and your event was extraordinarily well organized and there was great camaraderie among all involved. The CBHM ‘spirit’ is palpable and that doesn’t happen by accident. That takes leadership, dedication and a relentless focus on getting things right and taking good care of people. You’ve certainly raised the bar for future races! Thanks so much….

    Paul K  Falls Church, VA
  • Truly a fabulous day. 

    I want to thank you again for giving The Family Place the opportunity to be part of the Covered Bridges.  It is such an inspiring event. I hope you and Bill got to relax tonight and enjoy your tremendous accomplishment once again.

    Most sincerely, Mary

  • This was my 1st time running CBHM and it was great!

    Great course with scenery and a well  run event.  You certainly got the volunteer teams behind you Congrats AND – thanks for taking the time on Sat to explain to my wife & I about drop =off options and parking, etc.

    Harry H., Cape Cod, MA

  • Hi Mike, Bill, and the team;

    Thank you very much for this wonderful race — it was wonderful again (as always) and not just because the weather was fabulous this year.

    The personal touch you add to the race, throughout the year, is unparalleled. 

    I very much hope to see you next year again.

    All the best, Peter

  • What did you like Best about The CBHM?

    The atmosphere; the course; the volunteers, the people support along the route.
    The food at the end.
    The pasta dinner the night before is awesome.
    It’s not too big , I love the local musicians and we have owned a home in Vermont for 28 years!
    Well organized, great route, great finish line activities
    Great race, very well done, and well organized
    The route is beautiful, the field is not too big, it is well supported, and great people.
    The magnificent course, particularly River Rd.

  • What did you like Least about The CBHM?

    Would have liked to see more sponsored give-aways and perhaps some heartier food

    All the emails in the lead up to the race. More specifically, it would be great if the emails were more succinct and to the point. If an email is sent it should be checked for typos and contain complete sentences. Honestly, it is not worth sending an email if it is difficult to understand because of poor grammar.
    Hill at mile 8 🙂

    The start of the race: There were no pace groups and people were trampling one another at the start; there were walkers too far up front and fast runners too far in the back. I think it was based on how the start line was set up. People just jumped in the line with little mind to where they should be pace wise. It was a rough first mile plus of trying to not trip.

    Loved it all!

  • Anything else you would like to share with the CBHM Race?

    I love it- magical event. THANK YOU
    Truly one of my favorite events ever. The local crowds were fantastic also!
    It was the best half I have run yet! I hope to return again 🙂
    You guys do a nice job and the event is really becoming a “destination run”

  • I wanted to thank you and your team

    for making my first half marathon such a positive experience!

    The whole event ran like clockwork. I appreciated all your informational emails leading up to the day and was so impressed by how smoothly the transitions were – from parking to the bus to registration to bag drop off and start – it was great.

    As it was my first half, I was very nervous and really appreciated the volunteers that were everywhere. Whether they were giving directions, cheering us on, or the medical team on bikes, during the whole run I felt safe. Which was just a great feeling as I slogged it out at my own snail’s pace!

    I can’t wait until next year.
    Thanks again. You’re the best! Kate B